Transport During COVID19

Aug 25 2020

The COVID19 pandemic is an ongoing, ever changing and uncertain environment for New Zealand.

Because of this, we wish to make you aware that Majestic will be working under some new procedures to keep you, and our staff safe. Our drivers are required to sign declarations to indicate they a symptom free at the start of each day and in certain circumstances our drivers may be required to wear full PPE.

To further minimize unessecary contact and maximise social distancing as much as possible, we ask that at pick up each horse is: led to the truck, taken up the ramp and clipped into the space allocated – By the horse’s handler – NOT by Majestic’s staff. Our staff will operate all aspects of the truck including; partitions, doors and ramps. The unloading of the horse is the same, please have your own lead ropes ready at delivery.

We can only take grooms assigned to travel with a horse if:

1.) It is allowable under the COVID alert level system in the region of origin of the horse and groom

2.) It is allowable under the COVID alert level system in the in the region receiving the horse and groom

3.)  It is allowable under the requirements of the respective racing codes

We want to assure our customers that we are committed to providing a safe experience and we will be enforcing these procedures to ensure this.

Please note: Majestic are able to transport horses up until level 3. At level 4 we are only able to transport horses in an emergency.

We thank you for your cooperation and patience in this trying time.

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