5-star horse hotels

Whenever a journey involves stopovers, your horse steps off our modern transporter into an enclosed paddock, and it’s then watered and fed (you can supply your own feed if your horse has a special diet) before staying in a covered yard or overnight barn facility, with a cover if necessary, at one of our depots. Our stables are like 5-star horse hotels. We then water and feed your horse before it gets back on the transporter for the next stage in its journey. When a horse is travelling overseas and their flight is delayed, we take your horse to one of our stables until it can continue its journey. The welfare of your horse is paramount and our duty of care is exceptional. Read what our customers say about us here.

Horse journey example: Wellsford to Dunedin

Meet and greet at pickup location. Load your horse onto our modern transporter.
Stop in Ramarama, Auckland overnight. Your horse is unloaded into high-end stables, watered and fed (if on a special diet, we feed what you supply us), and is cared for on-site.

The day might start at 4:00 am when we water and feed your horse, carefully load it onto our transporter and continue south.
Stop in Bulls 7-hours later, to water, feed and shelter your horse in our stables.

Water and feed your horse, load it onto our transporter and continue south.
This next stage is a 13-hour day, so we water and feed your horse along the way.
Safely deliver your horse to the agreed delivery location.

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