The thoroughbred of horse transportation

From stable (or paddock) to stable, anywhere in New Zealand in 3-4 days. Even if you live in Kumeu and your horse is in central-Otago. We ensure the safe transportation and delivery of your precious cargo from the moment it boards one of our modern and fully equipped carriers until safely at its destination. With longer journeys this can take up to 4-days. That’s because nothing is more important to us than your horse’s wellbeing. We remove as much stress as possible so your horse arrives cool, calm and collected.

Our depots and stables are strategically located throughout the country to cater for any event during transportation. For example, we could be moving a horse from Christchurch to our depot in Bulls, but on arrival in Picton the swell could be too big to travel in comfort and could stress your horse. In these instances we’re flexible and would unload, feed and water your horse (catering for any dietary requirements), at our nearest depot/stable, without added cost to you. We work around the clock and all our depots and stables are managed by experienced horsemen who mostly live on site to provide 24/7 capability. We’d then board the next available, stress-free crossing.

The best horse knowledge, transportation, facilities and experience

We have the best gear, people, coverage, treatment, facilities and feeding regimes. For example, we have 10 acres in Bombay, Auckland with horse facilities that are second-to-none, and it’s very similar throughout New Zealand. Horses receive first class treatment with Majestic, and thanks to the scale of our operation, which makes everything streamlined and easier, we’re surprisingly affordable. All the major trainers, stud masters, and air freight companies choose Majestic. That’s because we consistently provide an exceptionally high level of care and service, along with absolute confidence. When you want the best treatment for your horse, you choose Majestic. Our approach and everything about our operation makes us untouchable.

Ultimate Care: A case in point

A horse arrived at one of our depots after its initial collection. The on-site horseman noticed the horse had a slight cold. He didn’t want it to get travel sick, so he called the owners and requested a travel delay for the sake of the horse’s comfort. The owners were thrilled that we’d house, water and feed their horse at no extra cost. But more importantly, that we cared about its wellbeing.

Majestic Horse Stables
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