Covid 19 Lock Down

Mar 25 2020


Majestic Horse Floats will remain open to transport horses during the lock down period for EMERGENCIES ONLY. This means if your horses welfare would be negatively impacted if they are not moved immediately, then this would be considered an “essential service”.

Such circumstances would be:

  • Animals have completely run out of feed/grass/hay at current grazing
  • There is no one available to care for them at current grazing
  • SPCA cases
  • Emergency transport to an animal hospital

We have put in place strict policies to protect you and our drivers should emergency transport be required, click here for more information on these.

If you would like to place a regular booking with us, we can still take these for you! However, they cannot be completed until the lock down is over, hopefully in 4 weeks’ time (dependent on the government’s decision).

We hope our customers, their families and horses stay safe during this period of uncertainty.

We look forward to bringing you our full and best service when we return, If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

-The Team At Majestic

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